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Jul 19, 2010
Has anyone tried the Festhaus Kaffe? I thought they only served beverages til my wife found a menu on the BGW website. How is the food?
Mostly sandwiches and such. I think it's a pretty good secret eating place. Not a lot of people there and they make your food to order. I usually get the Cuban. (I know it's not like a real cuban but it's ok...) They also have beer, soda, coffee, and some desserts. There's also some sit down areas that are a little nicer than any of the other restaurants in BG. (honestly its starting to become my favorite place to eat)
If you go to Annie's Cafe, that can be a pretty quiet place as well. I only say that because the descriptions of the Festhaus Kaffe remind me of Annie's Cafe in Ireland.
Entwined cast doesn't parade through here anymore.

Hands down, best sandwich in the park.

Still partial to the emu (uh... "turkey") legs, though!!
i haven't been in there since may so i guess they don't. it was wierd though, i was eating and they all just came through talking about magic and taking pics with a kid
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