Where is your FAVORITE spot to watch the FIREWORKS show?

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Sep 10, 2012
So what is your favorite spot to watch the fireworks show? It doesn't necessarily mean that it is the best spot to see them; and this Poll isn't meant to be a debate to that aspect. Just choose your favorite spot, based on the options in the Poll, then elaborate on it in a post of your own.

Some examples:

"I chose OktoberFest. I like seeing the fireworks while riding on Mach Tower."

"I like to be in France. The view from the Bistro patio silhouettes the roller coaster tracks! And you can sit down at a table and relax."

Maybe post some pictures too!!


From the patio of the Bistro in France.
^I usually follow the crowd and stand on the Oktoberfest/Italy bridge. It is crowded, and you nearly get pushed off the bridge by pedestrians walking by, but it is a clear view of the fireworks.
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I chose Italy (Da Vinci's Garden of Inventions), because there is nothing better then ending the night with one "magical" show followed by another. I usually get to ride all the rides I want in that area, then watch Giardino Magico, and then ride some more rides. By then, the fireworks will have started and usually there is still room to stand. The area in front of Roman Rapids, is a close second for me. It's not crowded at all there, but you can't hear the music, which I think is a huge part of the experience. One time I went to the park, and brought my mom along. I brought my iPod, and a headphone splitter, and we watched the fireworks while listening to the Illuminights soundtrack. That was awesome!
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That's still in Scotland right? Just select that option, and mention specifics like you did here. :)

If these bridges between areas like the Nessie bridge and the big one between San Marco and OktoberFest aren't really considered part of one Hamlet, can a MOD add those two as options?

Thanks :cool:
Traditionally, my favorite spot has been the parking lots. Specifically, France or Ireland. Lately, I have been using the France lot. Unfortunately, I can't get to the Ireland lot because it is always blocked off. I even came in through the regular entrance twice and was pointed towards France instead. I used Ireland a lot last year and the year before. I recall the view of the fireworks as excellent. The France lot is a close second.


From the rear of the France parking lot.

I like the parking lots for the following reasons:
- Unobstructed view of the show.
- Few if any people around you. Occasionally, a big group of cars will get together close.
- It is VERY relaxing not having the stress & hassles of being on a crowded bridge or other area inside the park.
- Once the show is over, just get in you car and leave. Quick and efficient.

Some downsides to being in the parking lot:
- Can't really hear any of the accompanying music.
- If you can't get one of the better spots, you might have a lamp post shining in your face a bit.
- Sometimes, people can be rude; playing their car radios loudly, idiots honking their horns, idiots staying in their car with the headlights on in your face, big vehicles pull up next to you blocking your view when you are clearly watching the fireworks from your car or a fold-up seat you brought.

*These problems are few and far between. Usually, it is enough to politely mention to somebody and they stop being a douche. Only had to HULK up once...last year. :cool:
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Top of Apollo's Chariot.

You get an unobstructed view of the fireworks and a fantastic ride shortly after. Nothing beats seeing pitch blackness followed by bursts of color combined with pops of crazy weightlessness on the best roller coaster in the park.
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b.mac said:
Chickenking you cheater, you changed the OP photo so that it beat mine...

I'm confused. I had just realized that the first pic I put in the OP was the wrong one. I had meant for it to be with the post for MY favorite spot...the parking lot. The one that is in the OP now is from the Bistro (as an example). Sorry for any confusion. :D

If anyone is cheating it is Atlantis:
Atlantis said:
Mainstreet USA.
Though, it is not meant to be a competition. :p

By the way, some of you posting in here are forgetting to vote in the poll. Hit it up!!
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netdvn said:
Top of Apollo's Chariot.

You get an unobstructed view of the fireworks and a fantastic ride shortly after. Nothing beats seeing pitch blackness followed by bursts of color combined with pops of crazy weightlessness on the best roller coaster in the park.

Is there some way to time it so that you get it on top of Apollo? Or is it just luck?
Apollo's Chariot is in Festa. Vote Festa & post what the specifics are. It's all in the OP. We couldn't possibly put every single thing in the poll, silly. :)
chickenking said:
Apollo's Chariot is in Festa.
I think the fact that Apollo takes you to an altitude significantly higher than Festa with better visibility and the fact that it takes you to an entire area of the park that guests can't normally access justifies having its own spot on the poll.
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