What is Your FAVORITE Kings Dominion Coaster

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Getting aHEAD of myself
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Feb 12, 2011
With this thread suddenly gaining popularity on the Busch Gardens Williamsburg side of the forum, I figured it would be appropriate to create a similarly-formatted version for Kings Dominion. I know there is already a thread like this, but that one is about four years old and doesn't have a poll, which I think is important.

So, what's your favorite coaster in the park?

Remember that "favorite" doesn't necessarily mean "best." For instance, I certainly think Intimidator 305 is Kings Dominion's "best" coaster, but Rebel Yell is more fun for me, so I think it is my favorite.
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Flight of Fear and Volcano are tied for me. FoF has a nostalgia factor - the first coaster I ever had to be tricked into riding! - and Volcano is just a fun little zip around. I know they aren't the greatest, but they're the two I never miss riding.
Added a poll and emphasized the "favorite" bit of Joe's post.

Anyway, my vote goes to Flight of Fear. Love inverting with only a lap bar and there are a few elements that I particularly adore- among them the first half-loop and the sudden 90 degree bank towards the end.
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That is 100% impossible. I305 is absolutely insane, smooth, fast, intense, full of airtime, and an amazing first lift/drop. Can't be beat... Except by Fury 325... ;)
Zachary said:
Added a poll and emphasized the "favorite" bit of Joe's post.

Anyway, my vote goes to Flight of Fear. Love inverting with only a lap bar and there are a few elements that I particularly adore- among them the first half-loop and the sudden 90 degree bank towards the end.


My computer died while I was writing the poll. Apparently the thread posts even before you add the poll?

Imagine my shock (and embarrassment) when I looked at the Unread Posts page this afternoon and saw this thread already published.

Sorry. :p
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Zimmy said:
Shockwave can not possibly be someone's favorit, can it?
After riding Vortex this past weekend at Carowinds, I must say I 'favor' Shockwave over it. The complete word 'favorite' does not come to mind though.
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That's interesting. I much prefer vortex to shockwave, which crushes my nuts. As long as you keep your head forward of the restraints and position the height of the seat correctly all goes well.
1. Intimidator 305 - best coaster in Virginia
2. Flight of Fear - forceful, fun, cool theming, crazy hang in the midcourse
3. Dominator - really fun, has its intense moments. A bit rattly toward the end but not bad.
4. Volcano - Gimmicky, but a VERY good gimmick. When are they gonna turn the flamethrower back on?
5. Grizzly - Crazy rough but not so rough you break your rib cage. Wish Hurler was more like this.
6. Rebel Yell - Crazy smooth. Lots of air. What Hurler wishes it could be
7. Stunt Coaster - Park's sleeper hit. Its small but it packs a serious punch
8. Scooby Doo/Woodstock Express - Smoothest coaster in the park. Nice pops of air here and there.
9. Ricochet - Standard mouse. Nothing special
10. Anaconda - Didn't like it when I rode back in the day. Didn't really care to reride it.
11. Hurler - Ouch
My favorite coaster at Kings Dominion would without a doubt be Grizzly. I just love the wild feeling of it all, it's location. It's just fantastic. Behind Grizzly, I would have to definitely go with the most underrated coaster or even ride in the park, Avalanche. It's an awesome and unique experience to the region, and is in general a beautiful ride in a great setting with pleasant theming.
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I must disagree with 9 NETDVN. Ricochet is not a 'standard' wild mouse. It has a large unique 1st drop that most do not have. Even Carowinds' mouse, which was built around the same time, climbs the hill and immediately enters the hairpin turns which is more along the lines of a standard mouse.
^ OK I decided to change my vote.

netdvn said:
9. Ricochet - The first drop is in a different spot from most other mouse coasters. Its still nothing special

Forgot about Avalanche. I'd probably stick it between Stunt Coaster and Ricochet. Pretty fun ride. I don't remember it being any forceful but I remember laughing during the ride.
Most mouse coasters don't even have a drop more than 12 feet tall, and it's in the middle of the ride somewhere. Not sure why you keep insisting that it's nothing special, but whatever.
Intimidator 305 remains my number 1 coaster (sorry Fury, you don't compare) of all time and I can re-ride it over a dozen times in a row without ever getting tired of it. It's by far my favorite in the park and of any coaster I've been on.

Volcano would be number 2 - this ride is probably way too high in my all-time coaster rankings, but like Intimidator 305, it is a rush from start to finish and I never get tired of it.

The remaining:
3. Dominator
4. Rebel Yell
5. Flight of Fear
6. Stunt Coaster
7. Ricochet
8. Avalanche
9. Woodstock Express
10. Grizzly
11. Anaconda
12. Hurler
13. Great Pumpkin Coaster
14. Shockwave (at least it looks nice)
I guess I never put my own thoughts out there:

1. Rebel Yell
2. Intimidator 305
3. Flight of Fear
4. Dominator
5. Volcano
6. Backlot
7. Grizzly
8. Avalanche
9. Anaconda
10. Woodstock Express
11. Ricochet
12. Hurler
13. Shockwave

I've omitted Taxi Jam Great Pumpkin Coaster from my list because it's not really fair for me to rank a coaster I can no longer ride. (Although my heart certainly belongs to that little ride, as it was my first roller coaster.)
If we are rating them all...my order of favorires (not best, byt favorite)"

1. Rebel Yell Backwards/Right Side
2. Intimidator 305
3. Avalanche
4. Woodstock Express Scooby Doo
5. Flight of Fear
6. Volcano
7. Grizzly
8. Backlot
9. Anaconda
10. Dominator
11. Hurler
12. Ricochet
13. Shockwave
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