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Feb 3, 2019
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I've been trying to find out who the manufacturer is on this one.. it's a swing ride very similar to the lasso of truth that just opened at six flags in Maryland.
It is very likely a rip-off manufacturer along with an amusement park that does not have maintenance standards to follow. The big one I notice is how weak the spine of the swing arm is along with the small counterweights.

Lasso of Truth at SFA is also a Funtime Star Flyer, the closest example to the ride in the video is a Zamperla Midi-Discovery 360 or an SBF Visa Maxi-Dance Party 360.
To me it looks like a Zamperla Discovery Revolution.

Edit: like b.mac said though it is most likely not a name brand manufacturer but someone copying what they do.
to be fair, when I think safety, oversight, and quality construction the first place I think of is not Uzbekistan...
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I did find a second news source with additional info:

In this article, we learn that the ride was opened just this year (March) and in May there was a critical report about safety at the park.

As pointed out by other users, this is highly unlikely to be a major manufacturer; but that does not reduce how tragic it is. Especially given that they apparently had some warning about safety in the park prior to this. (Note: the safety report does not appear to be specific to this ride; just the park)
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