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Pusheen Gardens
Silver Donor
Jul 20, 2011
Williamsburg, VA
Fan Favorites Tour

Are you looking for some family fun? Venture behind-the scenes on an exclusive 4 hour guided tour at the “World’s Most Beautiful Theme Park” to discover our Fan Favorite experiences. There’s something for everyone, and a new favorite around every corner.

The Fan Favorites Tour includes:
A behind-the-scenes tour of Curse of DarKastle
A tour of our in-house bakery
A landscape tour of the Italy Gardens
An up-close look at Verbolten®
An up-close encounter at the Highland Stable with our black-faced sheep and Clydesdales
Reserved seating at the Abbey Stone Theatre® for Celtic Fyre®

Park admission and parking are not included and are required.
Children younger than 3 are free but require a tour reservation.

$50 Ages 3 and up!
Anyone taken this tour? The bakery and landscaping sound a bit boring..I was wondering what it entailed
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