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Sep 23, 2009
Registered users will be familiar with this name if they've seen the Trademark Updates thread, but I just wanted to start a discussion about it.

It's looking more and more like this will be the name of a replacement for Corkscrew Hill rather than a replacement for Emerald Beat. I checked the IMDB pages for the Writers/Directors of Corkscrew Hill and not only does it show Corkscrew Hill being completed in 2001, but it also shows that Corkscrew Hill is currently "In Development". I'm thinking that the title for the project currently in development is a fake title and will be renamed "Everwyld" when announced prior to the season.

Anyone else have any thoughts?
I'm almost hoping it replaces CSH. When we were there for BGWCT it seemed really jerky and not really that fun to ride. If it is being replaced I would love to see that happen for the upcoming season.
Dang, and I finally talked my son into trying Corkscrew Hill during the last two visits to Christmas Town (he loved it). Oh well, I'm sure if there is a new ride it will be even better!
So, I recall hearing that the film makers wanted to make a full length feature based on the Corkscrew Hill story, perhaps Everwyld will be part of the story they've created since they've been unable to find any backing to create the full length film.
I wasn't a huge fan of CSH but then again I'm not a fan of 4D motion simulators as a whole. I did enjoy Curse of Darkastle though.

I would rather have a new 4D ride replace an existing one than have a new one be part of the BBWRP (Big Bad Wolf Replacement Project).

There's my two cents.
I would enjoy another twist to any new project housed in that particular building. A makeover. Hah~ like one of the earlier posts here on the site; they could hire Tim Gun. :p

Maybe a wrap around screen or something. An Imax screen.. anything to make you feel more immersed in the movie.
I was thinking about something... Is there enough room in there for a mini-Soarin'-type ride? Just a thought. (I love Soarin' BTW)
Not open for further replies.
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