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Theme parks are cool
Jul 5, 2017
Richmond, VA
So just out of curiosity for those that have significantly larger sample sizes of visits is there a good way to estimate how long a queue is for each of the major rides? I know we’re talking variables for each one like number of trains running and everything. I just want to be able to look at a line and get a ballpark in my head how long the line will actually take. I definitely underestimated Le Scoots switchback house last night for sure. Did not help they only used one loading platform at all.

From my experience it seems like Apollo rarely has a long line. Probably pass on Tempesto if the line reaches the switchback house. InvadR maybe pass if it’s coming around from the far end where it does a U Turn under the lift because I feel like it just takes forever if you get in line before the U turn which InvadR seems always past that point on weekends. Verbolten is kind of aggravating if they use only one station, that ride seems to always have a significant line. Finnegan’s I won’t bother if the line is more than 30 minutes especially if it’s running one swing. Griffon seems to draw the most significant line of the B&Ms but they destroy their lines usually. The ride wait time signs the few there are don’t appear to be used that much. But yeah I just wanted to get a better feel for the queues when I go especially with groups of friends unfamiliar with parks and impatient with lines. Thanks for any input!
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Apollo, Tempesto, and Invadr are the toughest 3 to judge for me due to where most the queue is in relation to paths. On those three I tend to do, if I can see the line I skip it. VBolt, if the first queue building isn't walk through then I skip it too.
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