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Nov 1, 2012
I found this 1980 Kings Dominion show schedule on the KD Golden Years Facebook site:


Kings Dominion did have an entertainment department that was on par with Busch Gardens back then. Look at the number of performers in each show and the number of shows that had live musicians. The variety of shows was pretty good as well.
I have a very vague memory of a show at KD sometime from 1975-1978. What I can remember is a performer dressed in black in front of a black background or curtain so you couldn't see him. A spotlight or some type of light was turned on and all you could see were his hands which were either painted with blue makeup or he was wearing white gloves. He would move his hands around while music was playing and eventually the light would expand to show his face which looked sort of like Frankenstein's monster from the Boris Karloff films. He danced around on stage and another performer (dressed the same way) would dance too. So all you saw were these faces and hands dancing around on stage. There's a slight chance this was at BGW but I don't think so. Does anyone remember this show or am I just losing it? :madness:
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