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Feb 23, 2012
I'm now ending my one-man strike against Cedar Fair and all it's parks. Why? Because I got what I wanted, The Dick and all his minions are gone. The man was out of touch and was an egomaniac that made some very regrettable decisions (such as wiping Geauga Lake and SeaWorld Ohio off the map - instead of selling them - which cost the company ~100 million). Thankfully, after being successfully sued by seven former Cedar Fair execs (cost the company a few million) and receiving the smack down by shareholders over the Apollo deal (cost the company 6 million), he has finally been given the boot.

Matt Ouimet is the new guy in charge and he seems to be making all the right moves. It's too early to call it but I'm going to give the company a second chance and support this guy.
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Amen to that! Hes gone and so are his puppets, lets get the park back to what it once was. As if many didn't know already I despised what he did to that park and my beautiful home park Geauga Lake. Matt has so far won me over and I will be ending my off season at KD with my first trip to BGW since 1975.
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