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Feb 3, 2019
Offtopic, but related question, Can platinum holders enter the employee entrance (over by Target) at wcusa like they are permitted to at bgw?
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Anyone you can contact to get an explanation as to why not? I think it is as simple as staffing but just curious if there's another reason.

I believe it's just the simple fact that WCUSA's employee gate isn't setup well at all to facilitate it. There is a road that takes you to the main parking lots from the employee gate, but it's before the guard shack and it leads you directly into one of the furthest lots from the entrance. Not a good situation considering that the people who would have such a privilege would also be entitled to free Preferred Parking.
I was about to give a theory similar to @Zachary but I made a couple pictures to illustrate it.


If you enter at the employee entrance (red). You have to drive against the flow of traffic entering through the main gate (yellow) to get to premium parking (blue).


At BGW, on the other hand, the employee entrance (red), is located in proximity to the premium lot (blue) and you can get there without encountering traffic from the main gate (yellow)

So, as @Zachary said, it probably just comes down to how traffic flows best.

As a side note: has anyone noticed that if you are using Google maps navigating to bgw from rte 60 the navigation will actually direct you to use the employee entrance.
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