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Local news is reporting that along with his license plate, the ex-employee left this poem at the scene, hastily scrawled on a napkin:

Knowing that Meltdown is leaving
Really rustles my feathers no end.
I understand acreage is fleeting;
Then why tear apart a good friend?

There are other attractions to level!
Examples? I'll tell you of one:
Recliners of curious bevel, and
Kaiju of ponderous tongue.

Ostensible twin Cow-A-Bunga
Rates higher in every way,
Reaffirming through tube slide and speed boat
A hope for your kids' thrilling day. ...But...

Lamely, the muse of this story
Manages nothing of note:
Upsized kid slide too aggressive;
Shrunken tube float zone too rote.

Thus, some malicious compliance!
Destroy not the Meltdown attraction!
If teardowns be sense's defiance, let
Entry gates bear the subtraction!
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