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Sep 23, 2009
I saw some concern regarding whether or not 2009 was the last season for Emerald Beat at the park since people had talked to some of the cast members and they indicated they had been on contract, but the contract had not been renewed for the 2010 season and they were all foreign and headed back home.

The show is not listed on the park's website, but I can confirm that the park is looking for "Superior Skilled Irish Dancers" for the 2010 season. So, it looks like Emerald Beat will be showing if the park is able to put together a troupe of domestic performers. Perhaps the show is not listed on the park's website just in case they have trouble getting a group of people good enough to perform.
RE: Emerald Beat

To me it looks like it'll be a completely new show. Emerald beat, fantastic as it was, was getting a little old for a busch gardens show. (Any one know how old, exactly? 4 years?)
I am happy to say that I saw the last show last season, and it was fantastic! There was a handfull of important-looking (no "costumes" but wearing BGW nametags) people standing in the back to watch the show. The dancers were going all-out, adding extra spins and improvising. For the last number and for the boys' number, every dancer came out instead of leaving one offstage (for symmetry and spacing reasons) like they usually do.

My biggest hope for the next show is less recorded music. It really should be live!
RE: Emerald Beat

The more I thought about it, the more it made sense that the park was going to be creating a new production that involves Irish Dancing. The park is also looking for someone that can play a Hammer Dulcimer, so maybe the new show will have more of a focus on live music.
RE: Emerald Beat

I think Irish Thunder began in 2001 when Ireland opened, and ended in 2005, and Emerald Beat started in 2006. This wouldn't shock me if Emerald Beat isn't returning for the 2010 season. After BGW closes, they head to BGT to do a show here. They aren't listed on BGT's website either.

Sounds pretty confirmed to me.
RE: Emerald Beat

Well then that means they will have a new show, hopefully as good as the previous shows that were last there and hopefully if Chris is right it will be 'Everwyld'
RE: Emerald Beat

Irish dancers bid fans fond farewell

WILLIAMSBURG — An Irish dance troupe that packed in crowds at Busch Gardens for years will say goodbye to its fans at the Kimball Theatre instead of the theme park.

It’s a belated goodbye for Seamus O’Shea, managing director of the O’Shea Irish Dance Co. The troupe was denied a farewell performance when its show was yanked.

Full article here:

Not sure I get the "show was yanked" part. I thought it ended it's run last year and wasn't renewed.

Anyway a farewell show should be nice, but I personally prefer Celtic Fyre.
RE: Emerald Beat (? to 2008)

Thanks to Doc for finding the start date to this show:
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