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Sep 29, 2009
"Elmo Rocks!" will be returning in 2016. This time it will be in The Globe Theatre. The show will run from March 19 to May 1.

I guess it will already be running on Pass Member Preview Day. I am interested to see how they will incorporate it on the stage. It would look quite strange without any projections, as the entire stage is pearly white with peace signs and swirls.
It's only an improvement compared to what we're used to. I don't think anyone is thrilled with the triumphant return of the theatrical masterpiece that is Elmo Rocks, but I think most people are happy to see the Globe used this time around instead of Il Teatro di San Marco which has housed it in past years.
As long as they don't paint the doors blue like in 2009, I welcome Elmo because he isn't in Italy. I might actually have more than one weekend to appreciate "regular season" Italy this year.

I seriously wonder how they will stage this in the Globe however. Also, I hope BGW doesn't have to cough up the money themselves. Then I don't really care how little or how much they do. It could have been a more versatile theater like the Abbbeystone, but I think it's too late for that until London Rocks is gone.
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Thomas said:
Does anyone think this happened because of the Italy construction?

Considering the construction in San Marco is not going to touch the Teatro stage(or really the theatre at all), and is scheduled to be finished by park opening, no. I think the Globe was chosen most likely due to the fact it will be sticking around for a lot longer this year. Additionally, the Globe is more weather resistant, and it'll be vacant. They may have other things planned for the Teatro stage, also.
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I myself hated elmo as a kid and I know of several other people whom themselves hated the little red furball when they were growing up hence my earlier statement.
While I'm sure that plenty of people dislike Elmo, it seems evident that he is still very popular.
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