Should BGW get electronic wait time machines

  • No, It will take away from the atmosphere and are irrelevant

    Votes: 1 14.3%
  • Yes, they will help crowd flow and make your day overall better

    Votes: 6 85.7%

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I think wait times need to be kept accurately first. If they had electronic signs, they should be linked up to the app so that their app provides accurate wait times, but accuracy is the key. They could say 1 hour wait and its really more like 30 minutes.

Is there anyway to calculate wait times accurately without waiting in line and timing it?

EDIT: Perhaps if they kept the wait time of each rider and created an average based of of that data, but that would require them to really put some effort and thought into tracking average wait times.
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Busch Gardens Tampa does this, and it is very accurate. They update it about every five minutes. At the end of the night though, they make the wait time longer than it really is, but that's just to get people out of the park quicker.
Verbolten and Griffon both have wait time signs outside the entrance. For the other coasters, you can just ask the attendant at the gate what the wait times are. Not much of a need for electronic signs, especially when wait times are usually under 10 mins on average.
Not in the summer or on a Saturday or during special events. It sure would help to know if heading over to the other side of the park is worth it if I want to watch a show at a certain time.
Something that I was thinking of was, what if instead of having the large park maps in certain locations, they had touch screen kiosks that displayed the map and guests can find routes, you are here signs, etc to help answer whatever question a guest has. These can also display wait times for each attraction.
Five or six people can look at a map at the same time. One person can use a touchscreen at a time. Doesn't sound like an upgrade.
Seems to me these kiosks would take away from the aesthetics of the park. Aren't the paper maps & the big signs enough? I realize that the GP may not utilize them as much as I have, and they don't offer wait times, but how much hand-holding do people need? I think walking around and making decisions about whether to ride something or not based on the wait time is part of the theme park experience. Plan ahead, decide what to do, use time efficiently, stick to the plan and make adjustments as necessary. Be prepared for some disappointment. People, you can't always have everything. And you can always come back.
Plus, even though I have experienced that the signal stability kinda sucks for cell phones in around the park (I'm on Verizon with Droid Bionic), there is always the BGW apps that do have wait times listed (even if they don't always update or work). :cool:
I think a digital sign added to the base of the large backlit maps that rotated back and forth between Ride Wait times and Show times would work great.

And I think its something we may see soon:




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undefined said:
Not in the summer or on a Saturday or during special events. It sure would help to know if heading over to the other side of the park is worth it if I want to watch a show at a certain time.

If you go during the hot season, waits are usually in the walk-on-5 minute range if anything (a bit more for Verbolten obviously). Even Saturdays during the hot season are pretty reasonable. The only weekends you really have to watch out for are weekends when the weather is nice and July 4th weekend at most.

Of course you still have to watch out for the HOS/CT crowds, but everyone here knows what days to visit anyway.

Electronic/non-electronic wait time signs are a good idea though. Just place them next to the in-park maps and I'm sure they'll be a great asset. Until we get those though, all you really need to do is ask the ride attendants at the gate. Chances are they usually know the wait times for their ride pretty well.
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