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Getting aHEAD of myself
Advisory Panel
Feb 12, 2011
Googled a Youtube of this ride and accidentally clicked a link to ITAL. El Dorado, just like the one at KD, with the same surroundings, is for sale! Are these the same rides? I'm pretty sure. Check out the photos/videos below. They are identical! KD website shows no sign of closure to the ride, so maybe its false...

Vid of El Dorado on Youtube (I did not make this video. If you are the maker of it and wish for me to remove it, PM me and I will remove it.) View at 1:18:

Here it is on ITAL (see photo 3):

Wierd! :huh:
Hmmm... And the question thickens... :p

(It may be under the wood. Many parks hide trailers that way.)
I don't even remember if I rode it at Geauga, but I know I've never felt even slightly inclined to wait for it and then bake in the sun on it at KD.
100% to make for a Windseeker. No doubt about it. If my experiences on drop tower are any indication it will definitely give some little bastards something else to spit off of....
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