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Jun 3, 2010
Newport News, VA
I've been searching for some proof of this for a while. Finally found it, I remembered it correctly, and I'm not crazy! Well, I remembered correctly, anyhow. In early '94, there was a tag on Smurf Mountain's spot on the map that read "Preview of Echo Park Opens Early Summer". I have never been able to find anything about what this project was supposed to be. Anyone have any idea?1276497.png
Oct 7, 2011
What a follow-up, @mtpelepele ! I googled a bit and found your post from Jan 2014 about this very topic, on these very forums in fact. Of course nobody knew the answer then, either -- but I think it's tremendous that you have since found proof positive of the mysterious "Echo Park" plan. I'd love to learn more about that, if the question is ever answered.

These callbacks to years-prior posts, intentional or not, are a source of fascination to me. I hope to have a few of my own, someday...
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