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Dec 23, 2011
Yes folks you heard it here. The park will be hosting an Easter Egg Hunt on April 19th, 2014. While there is no official comments made by the park publicly, it was announced within the park that the Easter Egg Hunt is set and scheduled. Since there has been no public announcement I am placing this in Rumors for now; however, it is planned and coming.
RE: New Easter Egg Hunt

I wish the park had real "digital" Easter Eggs for us adults. I would love to hunt for little signs in the park that give the history or facts about Busch Gardens. The more "easter eggs" you find, you unlock desktop wallpapers, images, and perhaps a coupon when you find them all. Easy concept- and something pass members would enjoy. Much like "Hidden Mickeys" they could have "Hidden Nessies"
RE: New Easter Egg Hunt

Kings Dominion has done a similar three-day-long event for a few years now. I believe there is an Easter egg scavenger hunt, crafts, and of course a photo opportunity with the Easter Bunny. Since BGW already has the Easter Bunny thing going, I would expect something similar to happen.
RE: New Easter Egg Hunt

MCMM said:
Easter Egg hunt was publicly announced at the Tourism Forum, so probably not a 'rumor' anymore-,0,7661855.story

Zachary, I think you should move this thread now, please and thank you :)
RE: New Easter Egg Hunt

Any idea where the hunt will take place PR? I could see them doing this in maybe LotD or Sesame Street, or perhaps a village like Oktoberfest. I would doubt it if were park wide, although that would be really neat.

And Nora, I love your "Hidden Nessies" idea. My mind immediately went to going around and spotting little Nessie designs all over the park. Oh, how I wish they would do something like that...
RE: New Easter Egg Hunt

My guess would be Festhaus Park. While there isn't much of a place to hide the eggs, just having them set out and kids trying to grab as many as they can should work well enough.
The easiest way to do it would defiantly be to throw a bunch of eggs in Fest Haus Park. Kings Dominion has a "Easter Egg Hunt" where you find about 10 giant eggs throughout the park.
There's a lot of interesting information in that article including some concert dates, and a Apollo Chariot celebration.
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This seems appropriate for the egg hunt at BGW.


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Mazakman, I swear what you just posted PERFECTLY sums up Scott Gasparich right there.
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I grouped Bunny Trail under here since it's all the same holiday. Also I wanted to put these up. Pictures of your beloved creatures!

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