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Getting aHEAD of myself
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Feb 12, 2011

OMG did you guys get that? I was wondering, what do they do at BGW, KD or any of that when an earthquake hits? Do they stop the ride at the breaks and evacuate riders or what?

I felt it at Chuck E. Cheese of all places! LOL

BGW just posted this on their Facebook...

Busch Gardens
Along with most of the east coast, we felt the effects of today’s earthquake. Park officials have closed all of the major attractions and the rides will be returned to service after each undergoes a thorough inspection.

KD just issued this on their Facebook...

Kings Dominion
Earthquake update: With guest safety in mind, all attractions have been temporarily closed. There have been no guest or employee issues related to the quake. Stay tuned for updates related to rides and attractions re-opening later today.

KD just updated with, "Hurler, Dominator, flat rides and waterpark are now open. We will continue to update as the info comes in. thanks for everyone's patience". I was on my way to KD before it happened, there's some hope I'll still go today.
Busch Gardens is reporting on facebook that they have shut down all major attractions as a result of the earth quake and they will be down til they are inspected. Anyone there when it happened? Any damage anywhere?

Sorry, missed that this thread was open already -

Well I hope everyone's OK.

BTW, I know who's work this earthquake was: this smilie's :evilgrin:
Keep this thread on how/if it effected the park. General Earthquake stuff should go into the Earthquake thread under General Discussion.

For those that live in or near the Hampton Roads TV-viewing area, WAVY Sports Director Bruce Rader is at the park right now with his family and is reporting back to the station with what happened.

Update from the park....

Busch Gardens
All of our attractions have reopened. Thank you for your patience while we inspected them after the earthquake.
54 seconds
From BG's Facebook: "All of our attractions have reopened. Thank you for your patience while we inspected them after the earthquake."

I saw where KD offered anyone in the park today a free day if they come back before September. Any word if BG is doing anything like that?

I doubt it since all the ride have reopened already, nothing has been posted about it on FB either.
Or everyone in general? Let me shed some light as to what's going on out here near the epicenter. First, there is two Nuclear Reactors that had emergency shut downs today, 1.5 miles from the epicenter, and Dominion has suspended operations for the time being. Second, there has been reports of structual damage all over the area from the Lowe's in F'burg to schools in Mineral. Third, the last earthquake of this size was 114 years ago, so this very rarely happens in Virginia. Forth, The USGS hasn't ruled out the possiblity of aftershocks, so we may get hit with another quake at the same time Irene hits. Fifth, this isn't California, people here aren't prepared or expecting an earthquake so the response will be stronger. So we may be overreacting, but it should be understandable considering the reasons above.

I also forgot to mention that 6000 homes and businesses lost power including North Anna Nuclear.
You're a bit late on that. They've reported four aftershocks already from Mineral anywhere from 1.7 to 3.0... BGW should be able to run a normal day tomorrow.

The one problem I had with this was all the new threads being created about an Earthquake @ BGW. I understand if they all happened within minutes but people should still acknowledge the fact that if there is a thread related to what you are posting about post there. Do not create your own thread. Facebook turned into an absolute shitstorm due to that because everyone wanted to make an "I survived the *insert earthquake name here* of 8/23/11"
I was there. Everything was very orderly, rides weren't down all that long. I didn't feel the quake, some people claimed they did on Pompeii, but that's all I heard.
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