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Yes, then we can walk amongst them and have a big ole' eagle land on my head and not get off. That's what happens to tall guys with the 'keets. :)
The new commercial has a bald eagle in it but it was being shown by a person like they do with other animals. It was like the park was telling the locals the eagles they love are still there but you will need to know where/when to look. Just a guess though.
Cabanas are staying they do make money or at least give the park an opportunity to make money. The pathway was widened between Ireland and the Wolf Reserve a lot and a new eagle enclosure is currently under construction; however from what I've seen it leaves a lot to be desired so far. Looks more like each eagle is being stuffed into it's own cage as if it were at the zoo or something, but of course it is still under construction and will probably look better when finished.
Originally, I saw their habitat being ripped apart and was given the info that the eagles were being removed; however recently a building permit was filled and I just now saw that they are building a new enclosure but it looks way much smaller.
Clearly posting something that was wrong (Eagles being removed from the park) is solid info.

Keep in mind I never actually believed you, just wondering why you keep posting bad info.
-__- I originally said the habitat was getting removed and it has been removed, now they are building a new one. I am sorry if not all the information everyone posts is 100 percent to your liking. Sometimes misconstrued information is leaked because plans changed or someone misinterpreted or was misinformed. Next time I will definitely make sure to please you and only your needs of perfect one hundred percent accurate info.
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