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Professional Snack Provider
Feb 9, 2018
i noticed the same thing last night. typically, the only time you will see cast-members in all blacks like that (in the maze) is if there is something wrong with their costumes. which, considering what i have seen from just a handful of masks, could mean either some kind of mold or other issue.


Resident of Mad King Ludwig's Castle
Feb 8, 2018
North Carolina
A couple of things,
1. I did not know that there was a second pathing near the middle of the maze.
2. One walkthrough, in the chain link tall fence part, there was a scare actor that was yelling to “take me with you, Blah blah blah”. When my party was like “ok come on” they said something along the lines of “I can’t get through the wall”, implying there was an invisible wall. Maybe a hint to some kind of story drugs (definitely not a way to give a reason to stay in their places)
3. One of the best mazes with the shortest lines this year
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