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Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
I didn't see this posted yet, so I thought I'd pass the information along.  I was getting a drink at Dunkin Donuts today in NOVA, and I saw these discount coupons for BGW and WCUSA on the counter.  I was so surprised to see stuff for a park other than Hersey or SF, I grabbed one.  It expires Sep 7, 2014.  You have to use an original coupon for the $5 off at the park.



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Those things are popping up like weeds here in the Richmond area. The exact same coupons can be found at Chik-Fil-A, Food Lion, etc.

I honestly think the park has bumped up marketing a lot this year compared to previous seasons. Between Water Country/Fun Cards radio ads, Food & Wine Festival billboards, and the "Born for Busch Gardens" commercials, a lot of advertising has been going on here. Definitely an improvement, at least.
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Maybe they are finally starting to figure out that social media advertising reaches people that do NOT visit their park.
It's kinda funny as you look at the different coupons out for online deals Dunkin has $15 off but Foodlion only has $14 off. But when the coupon is used to buy tickets at the park itself Dunkin coupons offer only $5 off whereas Foodlion offers $7.
We will probably start to see a lot more marketing now because the summer season in Williamsburg typically starts around June 20th.
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