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"Dublin Over" was an outside band in Killarney that became an indoor Abbey Stone Theatre show (or vice versa). Chris was in some versions of this show. I believe it was indoors only for 2005. This ran until 2010, at least. Verification and Corrections are welcome.

The band, and show, may have morphed into "Emerald Beat". Then, with friends from "Celtic Fyre", some formed IRELAND – The Show

This post is long, but has the "Dublin Over" announcement. This announces it as an indoor show. I recall it being outdoors first. Anyone know better years? There is also some good HOS descriptions in here.

Video and audio are at the bottom.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg said:

He's Back...Jack Returns to Haunt Busch Gardens

Earlier, Later and More: Howl-O-Scream Begins Sept. 16

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. – Guests should prepare to be scared as Busch Gardens unveils its sixth season of Howl-O-Scream, the park’s Halloween-themed festival of fright. The haunting begins earlier this year and continues every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 16 through Oct. 30, for seven full weekends of theme park terror. The Williamsburg adventure park also remains open later on Saturdays during Howl-O-Scream, until 11 p.m., to allow visitors more time to experience the haunted houses, macabre mazes and the newest ride sensation, Curse of DarKastle.

“Our guests wanted more, and we are giving it to them,” said Donnie Mills, executive vice president and general manager for Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country USA. “This Howl-O-Scream season is packed with more ghouls lurking in the shadows, a brand new haunted house in Festa Dementia, and new twists to old favorites.”

NightScares…Awakened by Magic debuts in the Royal Palace Theatre. Set in a dream world and brought to life by incorporating illusions, special effects and pulsating music, NightScares spins the ultimate tale of good versus evil.

The ghostly adventures for 2005 include new tricks and treats:

Last Laugh Industries: The evil-clown supply business has been booming, and this new company is the leader in offering evil-clown gear. Rumor has it that bike horns, kazoos and rubber chickens aren’t the only items being packaged by the workers. Visitors beware when touring this fearsome factory.

Dublin Over: This all-new, family-oriented musical shows debuts during the daylight hours in Ireland’s Abbey Stone Theatre.

Also new this year is Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Front-of-the-Line pass that allows guests head-of-the-line privileges to five great Howl-O-Scream attractions: Sleepless Hollow Manner, Curse of Pompeii, Last Laugh Industries, Jack’s Nightmare Express, and Curse of DarKastle. Guests may purchase Front-of-the-Line passes at Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s main gate and in select locations throughout the park, as well as online at The cost of Front-of-the-Line passes is $25; season passport members receive a $5 discount.

The world’s “Most Boo-ti-ful Theme Park” transforms into monstrous mayhem after dark. Howl-O-Scream activities are included with paid admission. Not all activities are suitable for young children and parental discretion is advised. Ratings for each activity are posted at attractions in the park and on the show schedule. For more information, guests may call (800) 343-7946 or visit

Howl-O-Scream Attractions

Monster Street Party (Germany)
Get down with the groovy ghoulies lurking in Oktoberfest. The pumped-up street scene will leave Howl-O-Screamers “dieing” for more.

Festa Dementia (Italy)
Carnival Gypsies and clowns lure guests into Festa Dementia, a freaky festival that has taken over the once-peaceful hamlet of Festa Italia. Fortune-telling and sideshow spectacles enhance the carnival pranks.

Werewolf Reserve (Jack Hanna’s Wild Reserve)
It’s not just the wind that’s howling in Jack Hanna’s Wild Reserve. There’s a full moon every Howl-O-Scream evening as werewolves roam the reserve.

Piratical Purgatory (England)
Argh! Piratical skeletons have taken over England. Dead men may tell no tales, but visitors won’t want to be caught off-guard by these bony sailors. Walking the plank is tame compared to the fate awaiting guests at Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Howl-O-Scream.

Child-Friendly Zone (Land of the Dragons)
The Land of the Dragons remains a friendly place for younger children to enjoy the holiday spirit without the startles. Activities abound in this area designed for young ones.


Sleepless Hollow Manor (Black Forest Haunted House)
The tale of Sleepy Hollow becomes twisted when Ichabod Crane and friends torment guests brave enough to tour this haunted mansion. It’s less than a warm reception as the house takes on a life of its own -- from the crazy kitchen to the manic attic. The headless horseman roams the grounds looking for revenge -- and his head, of course.

Sea Dog Cemetery (England Haunted House)
Gravediggers, zombies and legions of the living dead prowl the hills of this gruesome graveyard. Guests traveling through are immersed in an ominous experience as pirates gather to mourn their lost ones in the cemetery on the hill. But there’s no Jolly Roger here, only gloom as guests venture through the last resting place of grisly old sea dogs.

Curse of Pompeii (Haunted House)
The maze beneath Escape from Pompeii takes guests through an archaeological excavation. In search of ancient treasure, guests explore the ruins of Pompeii to unearth a Roman Emperor’s mask. Traps, carnivorous plants and rumbling earthquakes welcome all foolish enough to search for the cursed mask.

Jack’s Nightmare Express (Haunted Train Ride)
Catch the train for a journey through a terrorizing nightmare, where dreadful dreams come to life as guests traverse the wilds of Busch Gardens’ railway. Jack O’Lantern makes guests face their fears in a variety of forms. This is one train ride guests won’t forget – not even in their dreams.

Last Laugh Industries (Italy Haunted House)
The evil-clown supply business has been booming, and one company is the leader in offering gruesome gear – Last Laugh Industries. Rumor has it that bike horns, kazoos and rubber chickens aren’t the only items being packaged by the evil-clown factory workers. Visitors beware when touring this fearsome factory.


Monster Stomp
A thrilling rock n’ roll revue with classics by The Doors and Jimi Hendrix. Devilish dancers shake their groove things while percussionists beat out rocking rhythms.

Fiends in the Festhaus
Busch Gardens Williamsburg transports guests to the catacombs of a 17th-century Transylvanian castle where the resident mad scientist is whipping up something sinister. Monsters are brought to life and belt out a few Motown melodies. Guests braving the madness are invited to watch the show and enjoy a bit of ghoulish grub---a Frank and Stein, of course.

Jack is Back
In ancient Celtic Ireland, Jack-O-Lanterns were used to ward off evil spirits. But as nighttime descends, this tale comes to life at Busch Gardens Williamsburg as a party procession of the carved creatures invades the village to pay homage to Jack of the Lantern. Pumpkins, scarecrows and Jack himself pays park guests a visit in this disco-dancing celebration.

Starfright Orchestra
An almost-live band and a zombie emcee play Halloween hits featuring songs such as “Spooky,” “I Put a Spell on You,” and a medley of TV theme songs. Guests are invited to groove with the ghouls at Italy’s Teatro di San Marco.

NightScares…Awakened by Magic
Take a dark journey filled with tricks and treats in Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Royal Palace Theatre. Enter the magical nightmare realm where dark fears become reality. NightScares is a magical tale of good versus evil. Brought to life by illusions, special effects and pulsating music, this boogeyman is real.

Spooky, Kooky Dragons and Friends
Land of the Dragons will be a daytime delight for children as Gordon, Dumphrey and Sir Bumbly the Knight don their Halloween hats in a festive musical. Costumed characters bring this mystical, magical area to life, making Halloween a time for all to enjoy.

Dublin Over
Everyone in the family will enjoy this strolling musician-style show performed during the daylight hours in the Abbey Stone Theatre.

Witchy Poo and Pumpkin
This kid-friendly show will leave little ones clamoring for more. Witchy Poo and her pumpkin sidekick are brewing up family fun at the Land of the Dragons stage.

This is an outside video in 2008.

This is an inside show in 2010.

These are tunes from inside Grogans.
Live From Killarney

Sorry for such an overwhelming post. Mods, please adjust as you see fit.
Another double post to add a bit.

I'm pretty sure Dublin Over was performing outside while Irish Thunder was still showing. That would have to be before 2005?



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