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So this ride is basically Roman Rapids. It's even built by Intamin who built RR. So my question is, what stands between me and this accident at Busch Gardens Williamsburg? Granted, it's an accident at an otherwise safe park with a relatively clean safety record per the article, but does the park have particularly stringent safety requirements or above-standard testing and supervision of its rides? I always feel safe at Busch but I'm just curious as to how it compares to other parks when it comes to prevention of these horrible incidents.
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Merboy said:
So this ride is basically Roman Rapids. It's even built by Intamin who built RR.


This is NOT an Intamin ride.  Many media outlets erroneously named Intamin as the manufacturer.

Also, the ride system is different from Roman Rapids revolving boarding platform.

Here's a statement posted on Intamin's webpage.

The victims have been identified. Two of the children ejected from the raft witnessed their mother, and their uncle and his partner die in this accident.
Pretzel Kaiser said:
BGT is closing down their rapids ride due to this incident while investigation happens.

Actually, quite a few parks worldwide shut their rapids rides down. Merlin closed all of theirs.
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So again, does anyone know if Busch takes extra precautions to make sure its rides are safe? Like above-standard requirements? Like I said, I assume Busch is totally safe and have no worries, but I'm just curious about the thoroughness of their policies.
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