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May 14, 2011
BFE, Virginia
I think it would be a good idea for me to post about the recent incidents with Dueling Dragons.

A few weeks ago a man was struck in the face with a random object on Dueling Dragons. The man unfortunately is going to lose the use of his eye due to it. Universal took action and temporarily shut down the ride to see where the object came from, which didn't yield anything. About a week after that a man got struck in his foot where the two coasters loop next to each other. The man had a nasty bruise to his foot but he is okay other than that. Again, Universal shut the ride down to find the cause again coming up with nothing but the idea of someone throwing an object at the trains. Currently the rides are not dueling but dispatching separately and no incident has occurred after that.

What I want to know is if any of this can be truly tied together. Universal has failed to find a cause both times and once the rides weren't dueling another incident hasn't happened yet.
Went on the ride twice in February and its a shame they are having issues now because that is one of the best parts of the coaster.
The lack of dueling doesn't phase me since I don't like Ice Dragon (Hungarian Horntail) and never ride it.
These two need to duel. Together, they are my second favorite inverts of all time and easily in my top 10. (Fire is better than Ice. They will always be Dueling Dragons to me.) But without the! I must perish the thought! They must duel! I hope Universal finds the problem, fixes it, and makes them duel like the awesome dragon/coasters hybrids they are.
^They really do not need to duel. The visual impact from both trains dueling is really only effective in the front row of each train.
Of course they need to dual. They were built to dual.

Sitting in the front is what makes this ride.
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^It's "duel" not "dual".

The front isn't that exciting to me. My favorite seat is the back left on Fire Dragon.
Autocorrect on my cell changed the duel terminology, sorry.

Still doesn't change the fact that elements of this coaster were built specifically for the dueling, and they are best enjoyed in the front row.
Omfg... no! Thats terrible... Id rather them institute some nazi pocket checks or something rather than halt all dueling! for years it was perfectly fine until some idiot.... grrr.
Glad I was able to ride it one last time in February.

The best part of this ride was the dueling.
I can't tell you how much this pisses me off. Dueling Dragons (Always in my heart!) are two of my favorite coasters...TOGETHER. I always got a huge thrill talking trash to the other coaster going up the lift, and then narrowly kicking the feet of the other train as we go through the course. RIP.
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I'm not crying over this news. I love Fire. I loathe Ice so I never ride it.
Does anyone know if this is the place where the issue is occurring? It looks like there may be room, so could any sort of netting be installed?
It is the part right before that. When the trains are heading straight on for a decent distance.
Still can not find a picture of what you are talking about ( though I did find a layout of the overall coaster here). I am sad I never got to ride it myself as the concept sound interesting and unique (for a steel coaster). Speaking of unique a unique solution could be to put the on-ride camera there... heh.
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