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Oct 7, 2011
Virginia Beach
Hello everybody, over spring break I had the pleasure of visiting Dollywood for two days. Needless to say, it's a fantastic park with a lovely collection of coasters and flat rides that all utilize the surrounding terrain very effectively.

I won't go into a full TR here, but Lightning Rod is not to be missed. Hidden by the mountains, its layout is jam-packed with some of the most intense airtime I've ever experienced, and it just doesn't let up. I was about to write about the quad down but then thought about other elements worthy of recognition. Truth be told, there isn't a single dull moment on this coaster. Easily took my #1 position, and I'm very satisfied that I got to ride it 14 times.

I filmed throughout my stay, and unfortunately, the mountains cause some strange lighting effects and block large portions of coasters' layouts at Dollywood. I did the best I could and hope you enjoy the next installment in my cinematic series.

Feedback is appreciated!

(Yes I know not all of their coasters are steel, but the majority of rides involve a lot of steel anyways... and I liked the way the name sounded)


Sep 23, 2009
Brilliant video as always Trev!

Next time you have to find a way to sneak Mountain Slidewinder and Blazing Fury into the video though—gotta give some love to the underappreciated Dollywood rides! :p

PS: When are you getting to Holiday World? I need some sexy Voyage shots.
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Getting aHEAD of myself
Advisory Panel
Feb 12, 2011
You ought to be getting paid for these, my friend. This masterpiece is far better than any professional video I've ever seen published by most parks.

Seriously- your cinematography (and its timing with the music) is gorgeous.
Oct 7, 2011
Virginia Beach
Seriously, thanks so much for the overwhelmingly positive support!

Dollywood's digital marketing supervisor actually contacted me yesterday morning asking for permission to share the video on Facebook. Of course, I obliged as any exposure is great, and I enjoy making these videos without the expectation of getting paid.
Apr 29, 2011
Zachary said:
PS: When are you getting to Holiday World? I need some sexy Voyage shots.

May I suggest during their enthusiast event Holiwood Night in June?  That way, on June 3rd, he can do the Raven and Legend walk back at 1:30 p.m. and the Voyage and Thunderbird walk back at 4:30 p.m.

It's the perfect opportunity to get some killer footage! :p
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Jul 12, 2011
That video is fantastic! And effective, has me looking at making a trip to Dollywood now.
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