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Sep 30, 2019
I just got back from one of my monthly trips to the park and have been paying very close attention to the land cleared and markers behind wildwood grove. One of the newest developments has been markers and digging for a large building, though not large enough for a dark ride, and continued to see the markers which looked to enter and exit this marked area after going out past the train tracks. I felt like this was most likely going to be a hyper coaster coming in 2021 due to it being too straight of a layout for a spinning coaster and the building not being big enough for a dark ride. This thought was challenged though as I was sitting in lightning rod’s station during a lightning delay when I started talking to a ride op about the future of the park and she kept saying that next year AND 2021 will be huge for the park as well as bringing up dark rides and how she wished they would remodel blazing fury instead of adding what they are.
It wasn’t surprising for a park employee to talk about some big additions over the next two years as if you have been to the park in the past 3-4 months and ask about the clearing behind wildwood grove they will usually hunt at something big happening soon and that it is larger than anything at the park. I always thought of this as them leaning towards a hyper coaster taller than wild eagle so they can market it as the tallest coaster in the park though I now feel like they could possible be adding a new dark ride next year, maybe mid summer so they can finish construction, and a hyper in 2021.
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