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Aug 31, 2013
I know there is a Doctor Who section, but what about a section devoted to ideas of how Doctor Who could be implemented into the Park. Disney has its..well, everything... Universal has HP, why cant we have Doctor Who? Have a meet and greet in London,maybe make it a ride in EITA(Or I prefer to call it by its proper name, Corkscrew Hill). maybe a few easter eggs, like in the rhine, have a part where there are bubbled by the bridge, and you hear the noises of the sisters of the water, or during Christmas Town, have a special thing like Disney did for indiana jones, with him going all over adventureland, but with the doctor going with co across busch, solving alien mysteries.Also, imagine a DW maze during HOS? Weeping Angels, Cybermen, Silence, Daleks and more!

And do I even have to mention a ride? - AKA the perfect ride.
As much as I love the idea of Doctor Who in the park, I do feel compelled to point out that the Doctor Who Experience does already exist in Cardiff. Plus, I believe a lot of Brits are still a bit miffed that Harry Potter is in Orlando and not Britain.

That said, if there were going to be DW stuff, I would have to lobby for some Torchwood as well, because Captain Jack. Torchwood would be great for a Who maze.
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Nic said:
I believe a lot of Brits are still a bit miffed that Harry Potter is in Orlando and not Britain.

Does Universal own all the rights to the theme park experience in the whole world? I mean it's pretty common that IP can be broken up geographically. No reason why Alton Towers or Thorpe couldn't put in a Harry Potter immersive area in their parks. It's not Universal's fault that their biggest park is located in Florida.
I honestly have no idea. I just read that there is grumbling that a movie/book series set in Britain; written by a British author; and played by British actors ended up in Orlando.

As an uber-HP geek, I am personally very pleased with my relatively easy access to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I am even more excited about the expansion.

But I can see their point.
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I guess my point is, if Universal didn't do it, then none of the parks in england would have done it either. Bonus, they'd have one less thing to complain about. :-D
It reminds me a bit of the sale of London Bridge. If you didn't want it to end up in Arizona, you probably shouldn't have sold it to an American.
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I'd be fine with a few nods to DW but I don't want to feel like the park is going "LOOK AT ME! I'M COOL AND HIP!"
Thats what Im saying. We should have maybe a single ride, a meet and greet, and occasional nods at the series. Unless they wanna invest in a Wizarding World style themed area. Which, seems very unlikely. If a theme park will do this it ill probably be Universal or Disney, as they have the funds to do so. Although, Bushc does has the awesome potential for its use with the olden hamlet themes. It would be easy to theme anything Doctor Who related.
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