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Oct 7, 2011
So. 3D printing has finally made it eminently feasible to fabricate seriously spectacular looking coaster models without buying commercial kits, and without literally hand-fabricating all of the complex curves on (e.g.) the minimalistic fiberglass of a B&M train.

This has been a long time coming. I was experimenting with laser sintering of metal powders in the mid-90s, when all you needed was a university engineering department’s full intellectual horsepower and massive funding from the Department of Defense. Then I watched fledgling small-format plastic FDM systems become real at MIT, which was when I first heard the stupid name “3D printing.” But the name stuck, so ... fine.

Now it is being used for, amongst a thousand other things, seriously outrageous working coaster models.

And this guy is doing spectacular things:


No super powers - just a slightly odd demeanor and an absolute obsession with roller coaster models. And a shitload of hardware. Still considerably cheaper than when I priced out the requisite equipment 15 years ago to accomplish an equivalent outcome.

Can’t wait to see this guy’s work over the next year or so. And there will be many others coming along, too. Looking forward to the future of this hobby.
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