Disneyland & DCA Weather Closures

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Curve Flattener.
Aug 3, 2017
Newport News, VA
Wait I could have sworn that when we were talking about bad weather earlier this year someone kept saying that Disney would never shut down like Busch.
You're right. Disney would never shut down like Busch. Unlike Busch, when Disney shuts down, they use every avenue of social media (including their own app) to communicate to in-park and guests considering coming. They also insure that cast members are fully aware, so they can also communicate to guests.
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Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
Not to be argumentative, but that is the exact opposite from my experience over the summer at Typhoon Lagoon. We sat in our car in the parking lot, while a monsoon raged outside, unable to get any information from anyone about whether the ticketed, evening, up-charge party was still going to be held. Then we huddled under an umbrella, waiting in line as Disney argued with every party-goer about refunds, once they did finally cancel (we found out via word of mouth).
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