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Oct 6, 2018
Some of the other posts are older so checking in to see if others have had a good visit to Discovery Cove. Nicole's 2014 post said that they offer members discounts to Discovery Cove. Not sure how typical the discounts are but was excited to see the $99 discount including Dolphin swim for members, on October select dates. So I made a reservation for October 31st (even though I wasn't planning to arrive in FL until Nov 4).

Have others that have gone to DIscovery cove have any other tips to share?

Is the $99 rate on select days offered routinely on lower season months? It seems like a good discount as it is >50% off of the gate price for the Day Pass + Dolphin Swim but wondering if other members have seen other discounts and how this compares.

When you log in and see the Discovery Cove promo you can select different days (but only in October right now). The lowest prices are $99, many days are higher and it says it is a 'limited' offer.


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Mar 16, 2016
Richmond, VA
My review was from 2015, but we went again in 2017 and had the same amazing experience. IMO, if you are at all interested in the things DC offers, it is a must do.
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Mar 9, 2010
We visited this February and it was actually quite busy. It was a wonderful experience and we only purchased the Day Resort Package. We did attempt the SeaVenture, however, I lasted about 4 minutes under water when the environment and my anxiety got the best of me. They were very courteous, quick, and understanding of my situation. They offered to hold the tour for 5 minutes while I acclimated and got my bearings, but I declined. With that said, it was an amazing 4 minute experience for me, so if you can do it, then do it.

The day resort package was amazing. We experienced everything. The lazy river, otter and marmoset habitats are amazing. Feed the birds in the MORNING. They will be ALL over you. We were in several rooms alone with about 5-10 birds feeding on our cups. The smaller birds even groomed us. Later in the day, they seemed content with food and wanted nothing to do with people. Also I am no snorkeler, but, I spent about 3 hours in the grand reef. It is a bit chilly but you get used to it. Be careful with the sunscreen. It is thick and if you get to much, it will take forever to rub in.

The lazy river goes from very shallow to very deep (up to 8 or 10 feet) so get a noodle. It will help you not scrape your knees. Also, if you aren't a swimmer like me, you'll be able to just drift and relax. Be careful through the aviary, the birds like to hang out in the trees above the river after food. Your imagination will fill in the rest.

Just cannot rave enough about the day we had. We're going back in October on 10/31/2018 to do the dolphin swim since it is on sale. If you like all-inclusive experience where you can just relax and go as you please, then go. You really get swept away in the vibe and just forget the day.
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