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Jun 2, 2011
Raleigh, NC said:
(9/27/17) In a move that I think has been a long time coming, a sign was posted at Kings Island the other day confirming that the Dinosaurs Alive walk-through attraction would be leaving forever after Oct. 29th. Kings Island was the first of the Cedar Fair parks to open a Dinosaurs Alive attraction back in 2011, with several others opening at sister parks over the next two years. With this in mind I'd expect to see the rest of the chain's Dinosaur Alive attraction also go extinct over the next 3 years. It should be interesting to see what Kings Island uses the site for next.

I have to agree, it's about time. The attraction is not popular at most Cedar Fair parks, and I visited five different Cedar Fair parks this season alone, they were always empty. It will be nice to see the land utilized for something else.
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Apr 5, 2011
RE: Dinosaurs Alive to Retire.

As a dinosaur fan, the idea of being able to see these when I go to a park is a plus for me

As a theme park fan, they don't really keep up with maintenance, look broken and dirty, and take up valuable space. I wouldn't be surprised if Dorney got rid of theirs next for their new ride.
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Sep 25, 2016
Yogi's Cave
RE: Dinosaurs Alive to Retire.

I think dinosaurs alive at KD is great... if you want a quiet walk in the afternoon shade. But I have done that already several times over the past few years, so yeah it's way long in the tooth and I'm so ready to see something new in there.
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