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Sep 23, 2009
Last weekend I had a conference to attend right outside of Leesburg, VA. It is right on the border of Virginia and Maryland. Being the coaster lover I am, I thought that I would try to hit up a park while I was up there. I did a little research and then remembered that Die Wildkatze was currently located in Maryland at a park named Adventure Park USA (very uncreative). Using Google Maps, I found that is was only about a 45 minute drive from where I was staying so I decided to make the trip. Enough about me, on to the park:

Driving up 15, you can easily see the park. The only thing that separates the park from the highway is about 20 feet of grass and a small road. The park is only a few miles outside of Fredrick, MA (the second largest city in Maryland) but you would never know that by the area. The area around the park itself seems like a ghost town. There isn't ANYTHING else to do at that exit.



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Glad you all liked them! Because you all are so nice, here is a stitched together picture of the entrance, un-watermarked and in full quality! Tell me what you think! :cool:


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I know. I was amazed at how well AutoStitch did. I didn't know about this park until I did a little research about Die Wildkatze.

Also, just so everyone knows I have a few other special pictures... ;)
Great job! I love Panoramic views. I also like little mom and pop amusement parks. You can find some really classic family rides in those places.

This past fall I went to a place called "Ghost Town in the Sky" in Maggie Valley, TN. The coaster called the Cliffhanger which is built on the side of a mountain. You have to take a ski lift just to get to the park.

Here is a cool photo I took of Cliffhanger. I think it looks like something from Scooby Doo... OooOooo SpooOoooky!


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I was going to stop in there on my way to Holiday World this summer but alas, they are bankrupt and seem to be closing. Holiday World is family owned as well though, so that works.

I agree though Nora, the park doesn't need to be big, or in the middle of everything. The smaller, often family owned parks give you a fun experience, which in my opinion should be at the foundation of any theme park.
More special pictures! I don't know if it is being put up or taken down, but there is some construction going on. Someone want to try to identify the flat?


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Might as well post these two links as well:

How cool is this, they have a school:

Also, a cropped version of the entrance is available on my DeviantART page, so if you wanted it for anything, here it is:
Swiftman said:
More special pictures! I don't know if it is being put up or taken down, but there is some construction going on. Someone want to try to identify the flat?

From the looks of your pics, I think that flat is one of those classic "Tilt-O-Whirl" rides (or some variation of that ride) you usually see in traveling fairs or small amusement parks. I recognize the cars and the remains of the wavy structure/track. It looks like it's being taken down.
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