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RE: Deck The Halls (Christmas Town 2011)

This was, by far, my favorite show tonight. The cast had a lot of energy, they were talented, and they really used the stage well.
RE: Deck The Halls (Christmas Town 2011)

Its the same exact show as the previous two seasons. The show isn't bad, its just "same old, same old" now. It has a mix of old and new cast. This is and always has been my least favorite of their Christmas Shows. Now, with that being said, its still not a bad show, just my personal least favorite. *Rumor* has it that the stage may be redone for next season in the Festhaus, so it could change all the shows all season if this is the case.
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RE: Deck The Halls (Christmas Town 2011)

This was my favorite show with actors in it, this one was actually "fun", like a holiday is supposed to be IMO. The other two shows were just too serious IMO.
RE: Deck The Halls (Christmas Town 2011)

this show was ok, but for you storytelling critics, there is definitely no story here. Same show as last year. I wish more people sang along.
Deck the Halls 2012

Changes from last year:
- The stage. Still using the new one put in for that "show" from the regular season. It does open it up more for guests in the front or the back of the hall. This is a good thing, as long as the performers take advantage of it.
-The fireplace. IT SPINS!! And I don't think they over-used this gimmick. They turned it maybe three or four times over the course of the show at appropriate intervals, and I think it did give the stage a new look & feel every time.
-The musicians. They are sitting to the side in the same boxes from Howl-O-Scream. This arrangement is OK I guess, but I really miss the rising middle stage. I am sure I will get over it.

This show is a lot of fun to watch, and is my second favorite after Miracles. Great classic songs and dancing, plus it is in the Festhaus where you can get out of the cold and get some good food.

BTW, if this was a real fire in a real fireplace, the girls who stand on the hearth with those dresses would be going up in flames.:cool:
Tonight I had the chance to watch two shows back to back. There were some differences. The second show had less performers and slightly different choreography. The songs were all the same. I really like the use of the fireplace. I think this is the best show.
Yesterday's show had three young ladies as lead singers. They were able to harmonize so beautifully. I was really moved by how their voices complimented each other. This is still a good solid Christmas show.
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Posted a good stack of Deck the Halls pictures to BGWFans' Facebook page here if you'd like to check them out. Your likes, comments, or whatever else you feel like doing always help. Facebook decides how many people to show posts to based on other people's reactions to them- comments are especially influential on Facebook's algorithms.
They should be coming out with one for Miracles soon. Last Saturday Scott Gasparich and his cameras were there to take video. Can't wait to see them!
I don't have a full recording of Deck the Halls that I'm happy with yet, but I figured I should upload this anyway for reasons. It's unlisted on YouTube so this is the only place to see it. In addition to the reasons part, there were some pretty solid shots in there too- nothing too superb, but it may still be appreciated on that front as well.
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