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Aug 25, 2018
We all know that SEAS is currently in a financial difficulty. This was one of the reasons why iconic rides like DarKastle were forced to be closed down without official warning. However, I don't get how they could afford brand new rides like a 315' giga coaster in BGW, but not the maintenance for DarKastle. Therefore, what if the business were to decentralize its park divisions? This could make it so that the parks themselves could handle maintenance, cleanliness, and their employees' wages among other things using most of the money they gain alone, while a portion of that money goes to the heads at SEAS HQ for them to build new rides and such. There could also be a monthly/annual gathering of the heads of each park and the heads of SEAS HQ to decide what each park can get within the next year. That way, the HQ heads don't have to worry abt maintenance and they can instead focus primarily on the new rides while each park handles their own maintenance. Or it could be the other way around with HQ providing maintenance while the parks themselves could mostly decide what new rides to get.
Another concept I thought up of was if the company decentralized into more of a hierarchy of sorts, with each individual park having a bit of self-reliance whilst still having to answer to the heads of the franchise they're part of (Ex: BGW and BGT can do some of the things on their own, but the heads of the Busch Gardens sub-company ultimately control and operate the parks, as well as approve of new rides), which themselves have to answer to the main heads at SEAS HQ.
I understand that these ideas might be a bit dumb (or even confusing for some). Just smthg that I imagined for the company that might (or might not) help them in the long run.
P.S. Are posts like this allowed on the SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Discussion page, or is there a certain thread of some sorts for me to post stuff like this? I've only been on here for just over a week, so I'm still learning some things abt how this site works and how it's organized and such.
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