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Feb 6, 2013
Portsmouth, Va
We are visiting on this day and possibly only this day, for my middle minion's birthday! Hope to see you all there and make sure if you see us to tell Jake happy birthday, it would make him feel awesome! Does anyone know of any cool things we could set up for his birthday there? A la Pet Shenanigans parrot, keys at Celtic Fyre, etc.
You guys know where to find me on Sunday. I'll be at the park all day.

The park is supposed to be slammed this weekend with it being close to Christmas, the weather being so nice, and everyone being out of school/traveling. First and last hour of the day are ideal for doing rides/attractions.
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Sadly, we aren't able to attend Christmas Town this year thanks to our furnace going out on us, and training a few new workers for my son. Hopefully next year!! DEFINITELY will be there this upcoming season for sure. Happy Birthday to Jakob!!!
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Happy Birthday, Jakob! :exclamation:
We hope your trip was great along with your Birthday!
What a great place to be onh a great day.

BGW Family, Kitty & Abbey Stone
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My wife and I were overwhelmed with the love and hilarity of the events of last night. Leanne, Anthony and Daniel were amazing! CK, you are a true brother, thanks for setting this up! Gunsmith joined us for a good portion of the night and we thank you for hanging out and taking pics. I will let the photographers post the pics. We arrived at Aquitaine at a set time last night and the cast was ready for us. They took my son, Jakob, and proceeded to decorate him like a Christmas tree, telling jokes and just making him the center of attention. We had a pretty good crowd gathered around! This whole thing lasted about ten minutes! Thank you again to all who were involved! I don't think our family will ever forget this day!
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