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Dec 10, 2014
So I bought a ticket for the day. I read here that rainy days were the best and y'all were totally right. It started off kinda rainy but when it got dark the rain stopped. It wasn't super cold either. The park was empty and I got to do alot that I couldn't believe I could do in a day.

I saw Gloria and it was so uplifting. I love them keeping CHRIST in Christmas. Scrooge was alright. I didn't like the main guy too much, but everyone else was just terrific. I couldn't see Miracles, I guess the rain cancelled the shows? Deck the Halls was nice too.

I'm sad the penguin room wasn't more. I wished they had more space for the penguins to run around, but they were sleepy so I guess it was fine for now. The smores were really yummy.

I had a blast. I made the choice to get a ezpass next year. I don't like monthly payments but I'm convinced I have to do it to save money.
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