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People don't realize how legendary this man was. He ran that park as his personal love and kept a local hidden gem in top shape for years. He is an unsung amusement industry hero and I hope he gets the recognition he deserves. This is a huge loss for that park/city.

No admission price into park, an exceptional waterpark, a top-10 wooden coaster, and continued investment & expansion for a park with some stiff nearby competition (CP, Kennywood, and Darien are all ~2h away). Adding a water coaster this year with "big plans" already set in place for continued expansion and ride additions in coming years. I'm optimistic the family continues to run the park exactly like Paul did and don't get too profit-hungry.

My first coaster ride as a tot was Comet at Waldameer. My 4yr old son's first coaster ride was Comet at Waldameer. I fostered my (then unknown) thoosie development over many trips to that small park and still try to get back there annually to rent a pair of (extremely cheap) waterpark cabanas for my family in the area. My father used to have annual company picnics there at a park that will gladly let you bring outside food/drink in as well. All of this was fostered by Paul and his dedication to an accessible, affordable, and family-oriented place.

I absolutely love this little park with all of my heart and encourage everyone doing a North East trip to make the half-day stop at Waldameer for Ravine Flyer II, a small Maurer spinning coaster, a vintage family (probably considered a Jr now) woodie, a decent log flume, a uniquely odd dark ride, and a solid handful of other flats. Tons of kiddie rides and whatnot for the littles. Grab hotdogs at Sara's across the street and spend the rest of the day at Presque Isle too.

Damn. This news just ruined my morning.
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