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Resident Sea Monster
Oct 25, 2009
Raleigh, NC
Ahoy! It's that time of year again!

I'm trying to find some deals for BG this year for my family and I. I know that some grocery stores and fast food places sometimes have coupons but I was wondering if any of you knew of any cheap motels that have ticket deals included with the price? We did that about two years ago and it was great! Or perhaps if any of you knew of any decent motels that are simply affordable? I know most of you guys live in Virginia and have season passes and so don't really need motels, but maybe if there are some out-of-towners like me around here?
Feb 10, 2011
Gloucester, VA
That really all depends when you are planning on visiting BGW. Different times of the year, different hotel chains will run discounts in which tickets are included with the package, but you are better off just purchasing the tickets online with one of the advertised specials before the park opens for the season. There are plently of hotels in the area that range in price from 39.99-139.99 per night. Hope I was able to help a little
Aug 18, 2010
If you dont mind spending around 500 dollars you can use the plan your visit option on the BG website.
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