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Mar 26, 2022
I guess this should be shared here for posterity and thoroughness and stuff. This is my home park after all, so regardless of the news I'm always keeping both eyes open. Look everyone, even SFGAm is getting a thing this season, too!

(Ignore that the Justice League dark ride, and the Superman and Dark Knight coasters are not near this area, let alone part of it, please.)

Look, they painted our 20-year old impulse coaster and now it's themed to the Flash!

They changed the sign (and maybe other stuff??) for Yankee Clipper and now it's Aquaman!

Our nearly 50-year old chairswing is now villanous. DC VILLAINOUS!

Please clap.
Is this an April Fool's joke?

Asking because this was my home park growing up in the 70s and 80s, and it is amazing to see how low Six Flags can go!

Can we have Marriott's back, please?
I was there yesterday for Opening Day, and although DC Universe is still under construction/refurbishment/whatever, the parts I can see look pretty good. I especially like the colors on Flash: Vertical Velocity. The red supports and yellow track are much better than the fugly yellow supports and red track on Discovery Kingdom's version, at least in my opinion. Plus, new paint on rides is good, and V2 was in desperate need of a touch-up. Now if only they could save some of that paint for poor Raging Bull...
tbh this prety sweet, they should just turn the whole park into dc. imagine if there was a ride called riddlers revenge but it was american eagle? and at the end you did a launch into a loop, it would be dope
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