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This is my personal take on all of it right now:
I’m understanding of any and all supply chain issues. I wish places like BGW would at least try.

However - I would also understand if there’s a feeling of the complaints of not doing it period is worth the complaints of being out of it.

All in all my issue with BGW is the ’not doing it period’ is the blanket stand whenever something might be a challenge. Especially when they are continuing the buybacks and record profits. Das Festhaus is also the worst place to take this attitude at. It’s a place that should have a few extra options and should have the ‘more expensive’ plates.
The F&B program is the worst place of cost cutting that SEAS has going on. A good F&B program can overcome certain updates that need to be done to where people eat.

Just taking FestHaus alone, I think other than better quality food some small things they can do is something like flash grill the sausages as needed. Intermix packaged potato’s with fresh cooked. Things like that.

I definitely think that (and this might get blowback) they need to close Festhaus for a month and completely renovate the kitchens and guest meal grab lines. That needs to be done.

God what I would give to see SEAS just take the next coaster budget (after the FHP) and put it to updating the F&B program.
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Didn't think it was possible but the food just gets worse and worse. Dry potatoes, kraut dry sausage dry. And of course, no flavor. This place is a shadow of itself and really makes me miss the old days a strong culinary team.View attachment 30177
That looks like one depressing meal. I wouldn’t even make it all the way through.

Judging by the murals of street buildings and the surrounding countryside, is Festhaus supposed to represent an outdoor venue that’s covered in tenting? Or is it all just decoration?
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