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Jul 13, 2011
Orlando, FL
I was surprised to discover there was not yet a thread for Das Festhaus (outside of the one for Festhaus Kaffe) so here it is!

From the park's website:
Discover a smorgasbord of authentic flavors in Das Festhaus, the colorful 2,000-seat festival hall where you can dig in to delicious German food while enjoying the high-energy fun of a classic Bavarian song-and-dance celebration.

But the real reason I wanted to comment in a Festhaus thread is this bit of the recent press release:
Other subtle additions that play on the show's theme include the addition of hand-made gingerbread men and gumdrop cupcakes to the Festhaus menu.
This made me so happy; for years I've wondered why gingerbread wasn't available in Das Gingerbread Haus... but at least I can get it somewhere!
Last night over dinner, I mentioned my memory of my very first visit to BGW with my family in 1986 and how we went into Das Festhaus to find it was standing room only. This is Oktoberfest was going on, every table was full, people were standing around the perimeter, and the energy in that giant room was through the roof. My question, naturally, was "what happened?"

The response I got was both simple and complex: laws regarding alcohol.

Sure enough, an '89 brochure shows that beer was only available at Das Festhaus, and wine only available at Ristorante della Piazza & Le Coq d'Or (now Bistro 205) - all eateries. The laws that limited alcohol sales simultaneously ensured the success of those restaurants.

If you wanted beer, you had to go to Das Festhaus. Once there, you were lubricated enough to spend money on a hearty meal and, perhaps, clap/sing along more than you would if you weren't a little buzzed - but the atmosphere then was probably closer to Munich beer tents than it will ever be again.

Just a tidbit & observation.
This question is not necessary for the inside part of Das Festhaus but the outside ... the Festhaus Park / Black Forest Picnic Pavilion.

With all that canopy of trees, how can anyone see the 2012 fireworks on July 4th ?

Will we eat there and then be moved to somewhere else in the park?

I have signed up for the buffet / watching the fireworks at eight thirty PM.

Instead of posting the same question in a few places, it might be best to find the thread that fits it best and post it there. I'd recommend the IllumiNights thread in the Special Events board. You'll more likely to get a good answer there.
Joeyfoto took this pic on flickr, thought it was really cool!!

He really takes good photos. I can tell from the stage that the photo was taken during Howl-O-Scream. That particular show was pretty bad, but I loved the atmosphere.
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Went to the park today, and went to see TIO at 7:00, and the doors were closed So I went up to the security guard, and she said it was closed due to "issues," so I walked past it again an hour later after I ate at the pretzel Shop, and went on Verbolten, and they opened it back up. Does anyone have any information on this?
One of the lights started throwing sparks, the place was evacuated, and the fire-department responded. Nothing major, just the spirit of the Big Bad Wolf expressing his disapproval of Entwined. Wouldn't be at all surprised if Scott was sitting under that light... Anyway, let this be a lesson, don't mess with vengeful spirits kids.
Festhaus question??

Is the Festhaus the largest restaurant as far as seating capacity in the Western Hemisphere??? I read somewhere once that it was. Can anyone confirm or refute this? :huh:
[...]was Das Festhaus, a 21,000-square-foot eating and entertainment facility[...]Das Festhaus feautures a full menu of German food, live entertainment, and seating for 2,000 people.

From a book I have, "Amusement Parks of Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware" by Jim Futrell. It's got lots of history of the park, and none of its stats have been wrong so far.

Guess now we can confirm the seating capacity is 2,000 people. Wow!
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