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Below, I've placed some screenshots from NoLimits 2 for the Vekoma v2 Flying Coaster I am envisioning to replace DarKastle. The layout has slightly changed from my previous post regarding this. The storage track has been moved to follow directly after the station and before the Dark Ride Section brake run just before the lift, Also, I've included a World's first element, the Tilted Pretzel Loop, which is essentially the familiar Pretzel Loop tilted 30 degrees on its side, which I believe would create a feeling similar to a helix while riders ride on their back. This element immediately follows the booster launch which I have also relocated to be directly above the Station / Brake area to add another element, a station flyby directly overhead the station. It is very difficult to see in the pictures below but I am still seeing if I can get my vision out in NL2 form. As it stands now, the ride has 8 cars, 2 riders per car, 3,430 feet long, lift, drop, booster launch, and has 3 inversions. (Corkscrew, Tilted Pretzel Loop, Inline Twist)

Rhinefeld to Oktoberfest view with new red track occupying the site:

View attachment 24794

I believe a basketball game currently occupies this space and is the old exit from DarKastle. I am thinking this to be the new entrance plaza for the ride with a bridge going right through the middle of the Tilted Pretzel Loop, which happens to be placed in the center of the ride area for a view of virtually the entire ride from one place.

View attachment 24795

Overview of the main entrance from the West side of the site.

View attachment 24796

The South end of the site with a flat helix and more intertwining track. I'm picturing a lot of close calls and other theming elements on this end of the ride. This site is currently behind the scenes and a parking lot, not where DarKastle is. So buildings, that could be used also as storage, would have to be placed around these turns to block the views of behind the scenes from guests riding.

View attachment 24797


View attachment 24798

Any chance to get an updated POV video, even if the buildings/theming is missing? This is incredible!
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February - August : Indoor Festival area (AC, beer / bar, food, museum, short films, etc.)

September - October : Howl O Scream (2 Houses?)

November - December : Holiday area

All done PROPERLY.
Here is a POV of the track layout of my Vekoma Flying Coaster described in my recent previous posts in this thread. There is no theming yet, besides the DarKastle tower that seems to be made out of balloons. I would love suggestions on what to place around the ride for close call elements, overall theme etc. I have a general idea of how I want this to look overall but any ideas are welcome and I'll see if I can implement them into this concept. Also, hopefully this video plays...

View attachment video-2021-10-18-10-48-43-000_converted.mp4
How about theming the ride after the fabled Kobold, a short gremlin-like creature from German folklore? Kind of like a nastier Dobby, hell-bent on taking vicious and perpetual revenge upon all who have wronged him. Tends to live in houses and to be VERY difficult to get rid of. Almost exactly like a more easily provoked and master-less Dobby, really. Chaotic house sprite, spectacularly nasty when irked. Short, ugly, masterful at deception.

Surely a kobold must have lived in DarKastle, it being a fabled German palace (go with it). And surely this kobold therefore would have been perpetually angry at its principal occupant, and -- once that guy was finally banished -- would have sworn revenge upon all else who entered his now-peaceful castle home.

You just walked in, so... "Enjoy the treachery and trickery of the legendary Kobold."

Maybe the initial stretch of that long launch could be a rotating-room illusion, which disorients you for a few seconds as you slowly roll in... before firing into the darkness beyond.

Quick edit: Worry not, D&D fans who immediately recognize the kobold as a reptile-thing. Nobody else will know or care about that.
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