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Mar 16, 2016
So I have a love for concepts, and the recent closure of DarKastle has given me a cornucopia of ideas, but I landed on one.

This is, in parts a homage to DarKastle, Big Bad Wolf, a shoutout to Verbolten, and Arthur at Europark.

Meet: DarKastle Tours.

The Story:
Years ago, the Wilhelm Castle was haunted by the ghost of the mad king Ludwig.  A group of intrepid explorers from Williamsburg Virginia stepped foot into the castle and forever expelled the ghost of the mad king.  With the ghosts gone, the nearby town of Rosenheim decided to open up tours to this long forgotten beautiful castle.  Little did they know the dangers that still lurked inside those walls....
The entrance and outdoor queue:
The entrance is changed to be more welcoming.  Cleaned up and brightly colored.  As a tribute to the wolves, we get an wolf that stands over the gate, with a ton character and a happy look on his face.  The entry plaza is cleaned up and looks more like a welcoming garden.  At the building, a big set of open door, brightly lit and well decorated.

PS1:  Pre-Show room 1.  A room where you learn the history of the castle, how it fell into disrepair when Ludwig went mad, and it became overrun by ghosts, until a brave group drove them out, and the town learned of their deeds.  The town ventured back, to discover the castle had magically been repaired.

PS2: Pre-show room 2.  Next you are split into two groups where you are introduced to the all new "drone guide" system that is a personal helicopter like system.  The system will be able to easily fly you all around the castle and see unique angles never seen before.

Loading:  This room is the grand entry to the castle, with two big staircases framing the current loading  area.  The PS1 and PS2 rooms are meant to slow down the flow to this area, so cars can be loaded at an easier rate, and ride ops have the ability to make sure everything is organized.

The Ride:  An inverted Mack Power coaster.  What's nice about a powered coaster is you can change speeds with it as needed, and the inverted can rotate the cars to face any direction.  This is going to be important. At loading, the seats will all face towards the loading station.

The Layout:

Element A:  After a slight swing turn with the seats rotating inward and spinning almost a full 360 to face element a.  A big IMAX screen, overlooking a big ball room, your guide tells you how this was the sight of the last part before Ludwig went mad, and the area is believe to be where the haunting was always triggered in the past.  

Element B:  A look at the dining room, and in here, some strange things happen as candles seem to magically light themselves.

Element C:  Right as you leave element B, the tour guide is yelling at you to not go in there.  As you enter you hear laughing, distinctly Ludwig, who tells you the only way he can come back is by inhabiting anyone who comes in his lair.  You hear wolf cries as you explode up and out, swirling past some trees, almost crashing into set 1.

Set 1:  On DKT side, it's designed to look like a town front, and on the flip side, it's designed to look like a ski slope for Alpie. After avoiding you go into a helix where the seats turn outward, facing towards set 2.

Set 2:  Designed to look like a classic Bavarian building with a celebration going on for Oktoberfest. You flow into Element 3, a whole new building.

Set 3: Entering the building and darkness, you face Element D.

Element D: A reflection where you see what you've become....a big bad wolf.

Element E: Ludwig laughing again, showing himself in the reflection, saying the only way to get back is from his mothers magic locket that put this curse on him last time tourists came through.

Bursting out the building with speed, the car races at the train tracks, setting up a near miss element, into a high rising hill sinking into the helix around set 4.

Set 4: The helix goes from high on a clock tower missing the Oktoberfest building diving down under the treeline again as it rises up careening side to side off set element 5, a town building set, and set 2.

Set 5: A town front you careen off twice before diving down at the ground into an archway back into the building.

Element F: Another screen of a library where the tour guide is calling out for you, the ghost of Ludwigs mother is helping the guide find the locket, and attempts to toss it up in the air, whoc you cross through going into element G.

Element G: An enclosed projection space where you hear screams and yells, the seats spinning, and halfway through, the guide says your back, and at the end as you leave the screen room you hear....
That was close, I thought I almost lost another group.

Instead of the old sad exit, you would walk out through an elaborately decorated hallway, into  a gift shop, with ride specific merch, some shout out to BBW mech, a ride picture station, that opens up into the outdoor game area for Oktoberfest.

And there you have it:

DarKastle Tours!
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