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Mama Suka
May 11, 2018
Is there any word if they're going to add the drone effects like in hollywoods?
So far from what I am hearing, probably not, but hopefully next year. As, it seems there is no drones anywhere on top of the FJ roof area, or even we were thinking a staging area in a cleared area of the JP area. But, it seems like No Such Luck, especially since we do have more Pyro then the original or current Dark Arts Projection show out at USH.
Would be so nice to have especially after I seen the one out at USH when it first came out and the Drone "PATRONUM" section was such an AWESOME thing to watch during rehearsals and during the Projection show nights.
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Apr 29, 2011
Is there any word if they're going to add the drone effects like in hollywoods?

Legally they can’t. Florida has strict drone laws and no one is allowed to fly a drone within 500 feet of a school and unfortunately Dr. Phillips High School sits less than 200 feet away from Hogwarts right across the street on Turkey Lake Rd. Directly west of the park.
Jul 18, 2015
Orlando fl.
I have heard rumors that that school might be getting sold(and presumably relocated and rebuilt). But yeah you wouldn't believe how close you are to the property line from being in the park. There is a gas station and road right behind that big wall at the Hagrids coaster (which usually has the cheapest gas around too btw :p)
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Mar 16, 2016
I think a villains haunt for IoA could be really cool and family friendly. Death eaters, scientists that want to weaponize dinosaurs, Red Skull, Abomination, Green Goblin.

Also @Unagi that eye roll isn’t for you, it’s for FL laws and not letting something that cool to happen.
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