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and Team / Co
Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
Since we received a request for a place for reporting on crowd levels at KD, I have created this thread, where people can post the conditions they are seeing at the park.

Feel free to post any weather, security, or other unfolding events, as you see fit, as well.

We encourage everyone to update this thread, whenever you are at the park, as a community service.

If you have a question about future, predicted crowd levels, the Quick Questions & Answers thread is probably the best place to ask it.
Planning a trip out this evening for cirque and fireworks. Anybody at the park that could provide a crowd update?
MAZ said:
Parking lots are all full, back to the main road.

I figured that might be the case, I was there yesterday and the place was empty due to the on & off rain - so I thought today's crowd might make up for that, and I guess it has.
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I just heard that the crowds are not heavy right now. I'll get an update later in case it gets noticeably worse.
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I concur with that. There are lunes but I saw far worce on week days this summer.
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We have been at KD all day, and it has been super crowded since this morning. Lines everywhere are incredibly long already, and Haunt hasn't even started. We are leaving (thankfully) very soon.

EDIT: Mobs of people are still streaming in. They even have people directing traffic. Under no circumstances come to this park tonight. If you are in your car, turn around and go home.
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