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Flying Carpet

San Marco (Italy)



Riders Per Cycle

Da Vinci's Cradle was a Zierer Flying Carpet flat ride located in the Da Vinci's Garden of Inventions area of Busch Gardens Williamsburg's San Marco hamlet. It debuted in 1983. After an extended closure, Busch Gardens Williamsburg announced on April 26, 2022 that Da Vinci's Cradle would be removed. Its final operating day is unknown.

Marketing Materials​

Ride Footage​

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I rode this a few weeks ago, after not riding it for several years, and one thing immediately stood out to me about how times have changed. When I was a little kid, there used to be so much loose change flying around the floor of this ride. I would try to stop it with my foot and keep it there until the end of the ride. When I worked this ride as a teenager, I used to bring home at least a few dollars everyday from the change that would fly off the ride. When I rode it a few weeks ago, I didn't see or hear any change flying around. I guess that it's a result of everyone using credit/debit cards now, instead of cash. Or maybe everyone has Discovery Dollars :)
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I was milling around YouTube today and stumbled upon something I hadn't seen before: The original ad for Da Vinci's Cradle. Sounds pretty neat, right? Wrong. This is one of the creepiest ads I've ever seen. Between the crazy-looking old man, the young girl singing in the background, and the narrator's somewhat seductive tone, I'm royally disturbed. Watch at your own risk. This cannot be unseen.
Too bad they've made the cradle into a blob of lame. It sucks; change it back, BG.
They changed the ride's program this season. It doesn't do as much as it used to.
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I loved the commercial! Cool & creepy. :cool:

I have not ridden this yet. What is the hands-down rule or other problems/changes you guys are referring to?
You can't put your hands up on the ride. But it's like the 99 cent refill rule, they'll only enforce it if a supervisor is around

EDIT: Damn it! That's the second time today I have completely misread a post!
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They also stopped all the outside ropes and stuff from moving. And the ride does not go around as much. lame. I rode it this year and I got far less nauseous than usual. It's not as fun now.
The first entry in this thread is a WikiPost. As such, it can be edited by anyone with the appropriate permissions.
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