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Jan 23, 2015
By George! Washington Joins the 2016 Presidential Campaign

America’s Founding Father Launches National Campaign from Colonial Williamsburg; Sets off for Iowa and New Hampshire to Promote Civility, Debate

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (3 August 2015) – The Father of the Nation, the American Cincinnatus, His Excellency George Washington, humbly announced today before hundreds of supporters the formal launch of his 2016 national campaign. The campaign will kick-off with public appearances in key presidential primary states later this month, including delivering the prestigious opening speech at The Des Moines Register’s 2015 State Fair Soapbox Series, an American political tradition at the Iowa State Fair that draws candidates of all stripes seeking state and national office.

“Today, here in Williamsburg, the birthplace of our nation, I am announcing that I shall embark on my final campaign…to reintroduce myself to my beloved country, to remind our fellow citizens of our sacred duty to choose our own leaders, and to offer every man, woman and child of every race and creed the certain knowledge that all of the arguments and debates before you today began long ago. They started here,” Washington told the cheering crowd.

During the rally held at the Kimball Theatre, only steps away from the Apollo Room at the Raleigh Tavern where the precursor to the Declaration of Independence was hammered out by Thomas Jefferson, George Wythe and other Founders, Washington unveiled his inspiring campaign video, his official slogan “IT STARTS HERE”, and his platform, which aims to remind all Americans of their sacred responsibility to take part in the electoral process, and to reawaken them to the important legacy of American political and societal discourse that he and the other Founding Fathers began hundreds of years ago, and that continues to evolve and shape our country today.

With his customary pageantry--including a fife and drum corps at his side--Washington exhorted the crowd. “My fellow Americans, you have choices. You have power. And above all, you have freedom. And since I can take just a little credit for that, I’d like you to listen. It starts here. Everything this country stands for. Everything we fought for. It starts with your participation. It starts with your debate. It starts with your vote. I am looking forward to meeting the good people of Iowa and New Hampshire and across this great nation in the coming days and weeks ahead."

Washington will embark next week to the battleground states of Iowa and New Hampshire. Originally a farmer, Washington and his beloved horse Blueskin will take part in a series of public events in Des Moines, including marching in the Iowa State Fair Parade on August 12th, mingling with locals at the Iowa State Fair on August 13th—where he will be the first non-candidate in history to deliver the opening Soapbox speech at 10am—and later that evening throwing out the first pitch at the Iowa Cubs baseball game in front of thousands of cheering fans. Washington will then travel to New Hampshire for appearances starting on August 18th. The campaign, which will continue to other key states through 2016, will also feature broadcast advertisements and an extensive social media and digital campaign.
“An enlightened people, and an informed citizenry, are essential to the survival of freedom and liberty,” concluded Washington. “Taxation. Religious liberty. Foreign intervention. Gun control. Prison reform. These are not debates that have suddenly fallen upon us today. It’s amazing that 200 years later, something the Founding Fathers and I started right here in Williamsburg is still going strong. And we are still striving, always striving, to form a more perfect union.”

You can keep up and interact with George Washington’s 2016 campaign on Twitter (@01POTUS), Facebook, or at Washington’s official campaign launch video is available at

Washington’s 2016 campaign is supported by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, a private, not-for-profit educational institution that preserves, restores and operates Virginia’s 18th-century capital of Williamsburg, the world’s largest living history museum. The Foundation is proudly dedicated to educating people from around the world on the origins of American society and values.
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