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Jan 23, 2015
By Steve Vaughan
12:21 p.m. EDT, September 21, 2015

According to an email from Colonial Williamsburg President Mitchell Reiss to foundation employees, Colonial Williamsburg will slow down more this January than it typically does.

"This January, we will take advantage of the annual post-holiday lull in visitation to prepare for exciting changes and additions to Colonial Williamsburg’s programming and attractions in 2016," Reiss wrote to employees.

Specifically, all Historic Area programming will be suspended.

According to Reiss' email, the pause will accomplish five things:
allow for staff training time
allow instituting long-term improvements to the guest experience
maintenance of facilities
launching new information and technology initiatives, including a new website
preparing for a "truly historic" Black History Month in February.
According to Reiss' email, The Governor’s Inn will be closed Dec. 7 through the end of January. The Woodlands Hotel will also be closed in January, as it normally is. The Williamsburg Inn will be closed in January and February to allow for "essential renovations to its interior and to its exterior grounds."

The Williamsburg Lodge and Chowning's Ale House will remain open.

All the other taverns will be closed, which is standard for January.

The Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg will remain open with normal operating hours.,0,1671680.story


Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
I guess it makes sense to do this in the off-season, and the weather could easily be as bad as last year. That said, I bet that there are a lot of locals who prefer to go, when the tourists aren't around.
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