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As someone involved in history, I'm still laughing at the self-importance Colonial Williamsburg has placed on itself. "It started here?" Really? "That’s the story we need to tell, whether it is about slavery or an attack upon our homeland. The real story." How about starting with yourself there, CW?

Zachary hit this one right on target. It is isn't about real history, it's about selling a ticket. Simply distasteful pandering, IMHO. Shame on you CW.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled ice rinks and zombies.
Pretzel Kaiser said:

While I am sure this was mentioned in jest I would like to point out Virginia Dare's and at least one other colonist'a remains were found a few years back and in her case positively identified by comparing dna taken from her skeleton to modern day desents. It is also worth noting that they were found in an excavation of a native village and that she had passed at an old age so she did live a normal life.
I believe the reason CW went with the quote "It started Here" is because of the fact that Williamsburg was the capital for Virginia for several decades and it might be reference to the Historic Triangle which includes both Yorktown and Jamestown. So in sense it could mean the the United States started in Virginia which is fact
I believe "It started here" is a decent answer to the question posed in the advertisement, "How is it possible that an entire country came to believe anything is possible? Where did our fight come from, our spirit, our heart; where did our spirit first take shape and put us on the path of becoming a nation of 'We the People?'" One of the most compelling and overarching themes of the current CW programs is the attempt to answer this question. They strive to explain how we left a time of being thirteen separate colonies and became a people who identified as a nation.

Yes, it started at Jamestown...and Roanoke and Boston, and in the fatherlands of our people and in their mothers' wombs. But when it gets down to when we identified as a nation, Williamsburg was certainly majorly instrumental and has a credible claim to the "It started here" answer.
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