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Looks like they decided to do away with the single riders lane to the left.

It was a confusing setup as it was, as if you wanted to get to the middle area (where the monitors to watch vanish point are) you had to walk through the entrance to cutback but keep going straight.
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It's a nice addition, but the uphill sections don't really accelerate the raft noticably. It's more like it just maintains speed on those uphill sections.

The LSM model, by contrast, really pushes you back in your seat.

The open discs have nice lateral forces
Can someone explain how being a single rider works? I’ve never noticed a separate queue; is it like quick queue? I come alone a lot but never knew there was single rider.
BGW doesn’t have single rider lines on most of their attractions. It makes sense on Cutback, because there is a 250 lb and 2 person minimum.

And, yes, it is kinda like QQ. Single riders have their own line, and are added to groups that need additional weight. Presumably, they could put single riders together in their own group, as well.
But unlike roller coasters there is the added weirdness of a stranger's legs all up on you. If the tubes are similar to most at least.
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There are 4 seats. And the seating is forced based on size

Lightest up front, heaviest in the very back. Second heaviest in the 2nd seat.

So in a worst cast scenario it could even be that a single rider is 2nd heaviest and splits your group. Who doesn't love a stranger sandwich?

In the time I rode single I was paired with a mom and her child so I was in the rear with an empty seat in front of me. That's probably a best case scenario for single rider.
It's also worth noting that the definition for single rider here is a bit flexible. In my earlier post I mentioned having ridden with a mother and child. Those two were technically also single riders because the combined weight of the mother and child didn't exceed 250. So they had to take on an additional party member. The ride ops instructed them to use the single rider line because of this.

I'm not sure what the official policy on this is because the lifeguard at the first weigh station yelled at them for going down single rider. They responded that it's what they were instructed to do and he shrugged.

But it's worth knowing if your group is light on weight.
Single rider on a ride like this for me is a no go. Who wants to be stuck with someone else on water rides when your have to have your feet beside the person in front of you. Do they do single rider on Le because that would be creepy.
Then they should upgrade to a Membership.
We went yesterday planning to ride Cutback, only to be told our kids who aren't members couldn't get the wrist bands. One is under 3 and the other has a preschool pass. I get that it was member preview, but I thought that was pretty weak. They allowed that sort of non member to come on preview day. As it stands we were therefore unable to ride. I do get it, but in the past two years we've upgraded twice going from $10 a month for platinum to $20ish for premier and now like$27 to get back to platinum. I'm paying a whole lot more money, I'd rather more accommodating service.
I mentioned this before and caught flak....but again I feel like they could have done members ride time from opening till say mid afternoon to give plenty of ride time but then open it to all. There were quite a few people turned away last Saturday when we were there and little to no line.
Single rider on a ride like this for me is a no go. Who wants to be stuck with someone else on water rides when your have to have your feet beside the person in front of you. Do they do single rider on Le because that would be creepy.

They don't have a single rider line, but they certainly let single riders ride Le Scoot.
I don't think that's what he meant. He means that you don't get people grouped in the same log with other people.

Unfortunately for this ride the weight requirements make it somewhat essential.

Right--the only way to solve WDWRLD's concerns would be to ban single riders on Cutback altogether. The presence or absence of a dedicated single-rider line is immaterial.
Right, I guess I could have worded it better but on Le Scoot a single person isnt grouped with someone they didnt know and then seated straddling a complete stranger.
I think grouping a single with a group of two people with a empty space between would be ok. But packing a single with a group of 3 should be a no go unless the riders themselves worked it out without the WCUSA team members grouping them. I also witnessed two groups of two put together so its not just single riders. Two kids didnt meet the weight at the top but aparently did at the bottom so they were grouped with two adults.
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